Meet Our Team

  •     Koushik Ghosh

  •     Snehansu Mahapatra

  •     Prajna Mondal

  •     Sanjeeb Talukder

  •     Sunandini Sen

  •     Sanjit Deb

  •     Achintya Sarkar

  •     Atanu Banerjee

  •     Ritika Ram

  •     Anup Lahiri

  •     Supriya Dey

Koushik Ghosh

Founder Director and CEO

Responsible for the overall success of the company and for making top-level managerial as well as software related decisions.

Snehansu Mahapatra

Business Head - Eurpoe and Middle East

Responsible for identification of Potential Projects, Client Development, Monitoring the preparation of pre – qualification documents for the projects and to provide overall leadership for business expansion worldwide.

Prajna Mondal

Manager - Human Resource

Responsible for supervising day-to-day operations of the administrative department and staff members. Apart from that responsible for all financial and related administrative matters of the company.

Sanjeeb Talukder

Chief Architect

Responsible for overall architectural decision and execution of the projects.

Sunandini Sen

Preditive Model Analyst

Responsible for analysis of data using Structured Equation Modeling, Factor Analysis, Predictive Modeling using Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecastng strategies.

Sanjit Deb

Business Development and Financial Advisor

Responsible for development of business worldwide.

Achintya Sarkar

Project Manager - Java and Open Source

Responsible for execution and delivery of Java and Open Source based Projects.

Atanu Banerjee

Project Manager - Microsoft, Python, C, C++ and Mobility

Responsible for execution and delivery of Microsoft, Python and Mobility (Android, IOS) based Projects.

Ritika Ram

HR Assistant

Responsible for Graphic related work and back office support.

Anup Lahiri

General Manager - Administration

Responsible for Plan, coordinate and manage all administrative procedures and systems. He is also responsible for allocate responsibilities and office space, assess staff performance and ensure the smooth and adequate flow of information within the company.

Supriya Dey

Office Executive

Responsible for Accounting related work and back office support.